Run2the80's Friday(the day before)

Friday the 3rd and all the teams are mobilising to their forward operating bases (their hotels complete with bars). We (Sian and I) were stopping at the Sculthorpe Mill but as we were passing we thought we would drop into the Ffolkes Arms in Hillington where four teams will be stopping the night.
We pull into the car park looking for any familiar vehicles when we spot something made from "Pure Yellow". Paul and Sarah are here at least with their fantastic looking 370Z. We attempt to ring Paul but cannot get a signal to revert to something crude, the quattro and it's Skorpion exhaust. It works and Paul and Sarah are soon seen walking around the corner.
As we are catching up with each other the next team to arrive are "Thelma and Louise" (Wendy and Judith) in their VW Corrado VR6. They promptly park up and introduce themselves as this is their first Run2 event.
So now in the car park we have a 5cyl, 2 6cyl cars then we here something else pulling into the "county".....this has got 8cylinders and a supercharger as big as my fridge. Yes half of team Sleazy Jet has just arrived in their VXR8 Bathurst S (6.2 ltr supercharged monster). Seb has arrived (will later need to collect his other half from the train station).
We all say hello, drool over the mighty Vauxhall for a while but Sian and I need to get to our hotel for drinks and something to eat.
As we pull into the car park at Sculthorpe Mill the first thing we spot is the Escort Cosworth, the Cossie Boys are here then then the 207 Sport of Balls of Fury is also noted on the other side.
We check in then meet up with Dene and Jasper (Cossie Boys) who I last met on the Britball Run 2008. Their Yorkshire charm has not faded and we are soon laughing (and drinking....), Karl and Sarah soon join us then it's dinner.