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Day 4.....The morning after!

We wake surprisingly fresh considereing we have spent the previous night at a micro brewery in Germany! Everyone has made it for our traditional German breakfast (with plenty of cold meat and cheese), our host from the previous night Albert is also up making sure everything is OK (thanks Albert). We check out after breakfast after a few more pics in front of the stills..... and train....? and finally one outside We did like this place (some wanted to move in permantly). We then fire up the motors and head for our first destination of the day....Malmedy, Belgium. USAFE Spangdahlem A10 Thunderbolt As it's still Germany we hit the autobahn for one last time....... .........on this trip What the other teams don't know at this point is Malmedy is only a delay whilst the surprise is getting in position further on.....Once out of the valley we were stopping in the phone comes to life.      We enter Malmedy park up and set the team