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Scotland 2014 part2

Super cars..... Remember from part 1 we wondered where the super cars had gone from Tyndrum....well it was the Scottish super car club and they were only in the same hotel as us.  Scottish Super cars   Scottish Super cars  Scottish Super cars At the hotel after checking in and getting changed we had one more challenge for the day,"Casino Royale". This would be very important with the final scores...... Oh yes and 2 of the Sarah's completed the ice bucket challenge....looked cold! Next morning the car park at The Ben Nevis Hotel was starting to the sound of many super cars (including a few from our own group).  Many Aston Martins  "Our" Jag XKR S's "Our" Vectra Sri, Jag XFR S, Cupra First place to visit on our Road Trip was the Commando Memorial just outside Spean Bridge. We had been very lucky with the weather so far as the last rain we had seen was at Callander the day before. The view

Scotland 2014 part 1

Friday Before Run somewhere south of Edinburgh Run2 Scotland began with our mini convoy to Scotland on the Friday (22nd Aug). The plan was to meet up at Keele Services on the M6. Our convoy initially consisted of teams Sleazy Jet, Bio Hazard, Honey Monster, M.I.D.G.E.T, Back Seat Bosses and ourselves (the organisers). Can't say the first part of our weekend was much fun, raining on the M6 on a bank holiday.....Oh Joy! However once past Manchester (many ours later) we joined up with Team Horne Star and continued into Scotland on our way to our first hotel about 15miles from Edinburgh. Pre Run digs Barony Hotel, Eddleston. Here we joined up with 4 more Teams, The Black Watch, Viking,Team Grez and the Chillies. Here we unveiled the New Trophy.... The Jayne Burbage Trophy dedicated to a founder member of our group who sadly passed away this year after her battle with cancer, we thought would be a fitting tribute as she would in this way continue on our road trips acro