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Run2Europe2015 Day2

Early stat today, on the road for before 9am. The plan was to travel down in convoy down the E17 then A26 towards Dijon then onto Lyon. Route 1 (group 2) This seemed a good plan only my SAT NAV thought different and instantly (it seems) the convoy split.  The front group consisted of Andy/Amalle (370Z), Neil/Teeny (370Z) and Sian and myself (350Z) whilst the rest were in group 2 but on the preferred route (which was about 10 to 20 miles shorter).   Our route meant going east towards Paris then head south down the A71. The teams would converge just outside Montpellier on the A9,who would get there first.....? Route 2 (group 1) In group 2 our main concern was not to get caught up in the Paris commuter traffic so a quick con flab on the radios we went with Andy's better tech in the form of "Waze" which constantly updates the route via monitoring the live traffic picture. "Andy you have control".  In group 2 their first task was to become 1 fu

Run2Europe2015, Birmingham to Reims

Clean cars, early ish start This years Run2 was advertised as BIG!!! so we started it a day earlier....Thursday 27th August. Starting from the Midlands bang on 7.57am.... heading down to Kent and the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel Le Ferne, here we would meet the rest of the "Run2ers". Quick stop for fuel at Ashford Sainsbury's   350Z, 370Z, 370Z Audi A4  Sunny weather.....not! 370Z, Jaaaag XFR S, Mitsubishi Evo Via Whatsapp the bulk of the group met up in Ashford first to top up the tanks and grab a bite to eat before moving onto Capel Le Ferne, weather doesn't look too good so far. We then form our first of many convoys to our meeting point.  Capel Le Ferne, Hurricane  Spitfire and 2 more 370Z's At around 1.32pm we head for Dover and to Europe.....  Waiting to join ferry  Waiting to join ferry  Waiting to join ferry  Waiting to join ferry  Thunderturd 2 (separate ral