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Day 2

Day 2 begins with breakfast at the Exmouth View Hotel, envelopes are handed out and as they are opened and the shopping lists are mulled over I just remembered what I put in them. FACE PAINTING!!! was the subject for breakfast, some filled with dread others strangely excited by the idea of turning up as Spider man or a Hamster!?. All teams set off at approx 9.30am heading for Kingswear, Devon. The first clue took them to the Dartmouth lower ferry, as we took the higher we got to Dartmouth just in time to catch all teams in 2 waves travelling across the lower ferry. Seb as per usual could be heard on the other side of the river Dart then as he disembarked all the way through Dartmouth. Destination 3 day 2 was Cremyll, Cornwall. This destination split the teams up when it came to routes. Balls of Fury got there via the Torpoint ferry and as per usual were in "Stealth Mode" again (we were around the corner visiting relatives whilst they sneaked past), the other teams either cr

Run 2 Datsun Sumary Day 1

Ok then folks, it all started at approx 8.30am on the 5thJune 2010. We pulled into Portland Bill car park already to find 2 members of the Nissansportz club, team Sleazy Jet (Seb and Sarah 350Z) and team Honey Monster (Paul and Sarah in a bright yellow 370Z). Also waiting for us to arrive (yes we were slightly late) was team Knappmobeel (father and son team Ian and Simon Knapp in their Audi A4), plus Bio Hazard (Nigel and Jayne in a Bio diesel VW Passat). Next team to arrive in a Cosworth blue Smart Bluewave Coupe (with Viper stripes) was team Killerviral ("Purveyors of Fine Free Games"), Chris Kempt and his faithful sidekick Paul Fryer. Killerviral the Britballrun winners 2007 and runners up by 1 point in 2008. Last to arrive team Balls of Fury, Karl and the last Sarah (there was 3 Sarah's and no it was not in the rules you had to bring one) in their Peugeot 206. Once registered they were off a 1 minute intervals. After the teams had read through their shopping lists

The Winners of This Years Run

Team Killerviral (aka Chris "Darth" Kempt and Paul "Anakin" Fryer) winning through pure cunning......AGAIN Well done to the Killerviral Team and a big thanks to all the other teams who made this Run so enjoyable. Killerviral.....................Chris and Paul F Bio Hazard......................Nigel and Jayne Sleazy Jet......................Seb and Sarah Honey Monster...................Paul_S and Sarah Balls Of Fury...................Karl and Sarah (there were 3 Sarah's) KnappMobeel.....................Simon and Ian Full write up to follow once I have had some sleep....