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Run2 France 25th,26th,27th August 2012

Ok then kids it's here, the next Run2 will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend and will be on French roads this time. The format of this next outing will be slightly different from previous events. First change will be the team with the MOST Points Win! Your route each day will be given to you, this means you'll know where you're going to (which will be quite nice). However you have to prove that you have gone to each destination by having your photo taken outside a local place of interest. Shortest mileage has been dropped for this event so the roads you take are your choice. There will also be challenges which are how you earn points. These will take the form of collecting items (shopping list), questions/quiz and other tasks which at present are in the planning stages, plus it is your chance to enter your own personnel challenges in which all the teams will have to complete (these will be submitted to myself before the event just to make sure they are crue

European Mystery Tour anyone?

Ok folks study this map carefully as next August bank holiday we are going international!!!! Yes that's right we're off to Europe for a 3 day mystery tour, at present it is in the early stages of planning   but this will be less Treasure Hunt and more Top Gear challenge. It's so secret at the moment I don't know where we are going but trust me this is going to be BIG. The only place confirmed so far is France because that is the other side of Dover. So watch this space for further info....... Oh and a heads up, you may need to check this link out to give your loved ones ideas for Christmas this year.