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VXR8 Bathurst S in German Tunnel

Before the Start

Ok at Run2 Europe2013 actually started on the 22nd Aug whilst the teams gathered in Ashford, Kent we the organisers (Sian and myself plus our camera crew of Robert and Cassie) headed for France. First stop then was Dover and our ferry to the continent. Whilst excited about our rally another one was also heading for France and their start position.....The Ramshackle Rally! We boarded the Pride of Kent and make our passage to Calais and our first hotel in Coquelles. Meanwhile the teams gather at the Hoden on the Hill pub in Ashford for their final meal in England. Leaving Dover
Well what a Run this year, we took in 5 countries and approx 1200miles (that's about a million km). Maximum speed achieved on the autobahn was 160mph. Favourite hotel of the weekend was the Brauhaus in Germany complete with micro brewery Most epic stage was from Pont A Mouson, France to Weissenbach in the German Black Forest before it closed at midnight (left at 8.30pm arrived 11.20pm), not only to get there in time but find the bar still open. Birthday present of the weekend was a series of road tunnets for Seb to fill with noise in his 6.2lt V8 Bathurst S. More pics and info to follow