Run2Saturday Night Fever

The next Run2 event is going to be in October (date not confirmed yet), and this is going to be a 1 day thing (or "Thang").
It will be a back to basics affair where the entrance fee of £20 will go to the Help for Heroes charity. As for hotels, well that's down to you so it will be a truly optional choice. The hotel will NOT be at the end of the run, but "Some" miles away, and once we know which and where the hotel is you will be given the address and phone number to sort out yourself.

There will be no trophy on this one but there will be a prize for the winning team....

The idea will be a "Medium" size run to allow for those who want to get into the "Saturday Night Fever".

Like I have said, the run is still in the planning stage so more info will be announced once I know........

Possible dates so far are 15th, 22nd or 29th of October.

All feed back welcome.

A little something to get you in the mood