Run2 France 2012

Run2 France 25th,26th,27th August 2012

Ok then kids it's here, the next Run2 will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend and will be on French roads this time.
The format of this next outing will be slightly different from previous events. 
This will be more of a Top Gear style event......
First change will be the team with the MOST Points Win!
Your route each day will be given to you, this means you'll know where you're going to (which will be quite nice). However you have to prove that you have gone to each destination by having your photo taken outside a local place of interest. Shortest mileage has been dropped for this event so the roads you take are your choice.

There will also be challenges which are how you earn points. These will take the form of collecting items (shopping list), questions/quiz and other tasks which at present are in the planning stages, plus it is your chance to enter your own personnel challenges in which all the teams will have to complete (these will be submitted to myself before the event just to make sure they are cruel er I mean not too cruel).

Each team will also be issued with a Joker. This can be used when a Team feel their particular item/quiz result etc is the best/highest score and if so will double that score (the joker becomes void if this is not the case).

First night will be camping (so bring a tent) 
 Second night is a hotel (with bar).

Recomended route from the UK will be via the Eurotunnel

Entrance fee per team for the event will be £50 (this does not include campsites or ferry costs).

For further info and to sign up contact myself Dave Long at or join the Run2 forum and contact myself there
Prices are as follows
Eurotunnel ....................£90 (short stay saver)
First Night camping per team........21 Euros
Second Night Hotel per room........60Euros