Run2Europe2013 Day3

No challenges today just a driving tour from Colmar, France to Naurath,Germany.
The route handed over to the teams to sort (day off for the Run2 Team).
During breakfast the maps came out and between Seb and Jaques the route was devised.

First stop on route was for brunch at Munster where Seb had to  translate order for most of us....

 We collected brunch then drove up into the mountains looking for a nice place to stop to eat.
 Convoy forms up again

Taking in the views

After about 40mins we found the spot next to a lake.

Boats not for hire (even on a Bank holiday weekend...French logic!)
During our stop we were entained by the Stu and Danny show (video to follow soon), we then got ready to move again.
Danny and Stu
Everywhere closed for business

It was then head north for the nights hotel....

Fuel Stop
Another check of the map

On our way through to Luxembourg for another country to tick

Luxembourg best place to fill your car up! Cheapest fuel station in Europe (also good for fags).
We leave Lux (giant service station of Europe) and we're back in Germany and on our favourite kind of road....The (unrestricted) Autobahn! Straight away the Bathurst and yellow 370Z take off (370Z read 160mph) but the real star was the 320 dieasel BMW with 4 occupants hit 150mph!!! There was wheel bearing noise from it shortly after.
Couldn't go too mad for long as the heavens opened up.

By this time however we were not far from the hotel.....and if Carlberg did hotels and brewed Zils beer....!
Brauhaus Zils Hotel and Brewery

The Brauhaus Zils hotel also had its own brewery which is the bestest bestest hotel I have ever stopped in. The food was great and the beer even better. Our host Albert was excellent and couldn't do enough for us, German hospitality!

Albert with our first keg of beer
As you can imagine it got a little messy that night but amazingly no one suffered hangovers in the morning. A few pictures below of the night.

Day3 over !