Day 4.....The morning after!

We wake surprisingly fresh considereing we have spent the previous night at a micro brewery in Germany!
Everyone has made it for our traditional German breakfast (with plenty of cold meat and cheese), our host from the previous night Albert is also up making sure everything is OK (thanks Albert).
We check out after breakfast after a few more pics in front of the stills.....

and train....?

and finally one outside
We did like this place (some wanted to move in permantly).

We then fire up the motors and head for our first destination of the day....Malmedy, Belgium.
USAFE Spangdahlem
A10 Thunderbolt

As it's still Germany we hit the autobahn for one last time.......
.........on this trip
What the other teams don't know at this point is Malmedy is only a delay whilst the surprise is getting in position further on.....Once out of the valley we were stopping in the phone comes to life.

We enter Malmedy park up and set the teams an easy task of simply find anything with the towns flag on it, how hard can it be? First back for max points
This is the winner, Angela showing to us the education system is in good hands with this improvisation.

Sarah with a Malmedy pin badge
Malmedy Square

We now head for Verviers for the next challenge, it's in honour of the 1981 war time film "Escape to Victory".

We pull into the car park at the football pitch hand out the challenge which is each team will take penalties (5 points for each goal) etc only to find we have forgot the bloody ball (best Michael Caine accent for that one).
Fortunately there is a local Belgium fellow kicking a football into the net. So without hesitation I tell the teams the first to ask to use of one of his balls (he had two), will gain an extra 10 points.
Straight away go the French speakers of the group with the none speakers holding back....but there was no need!
Seb gets there first to the strange looking man with long hair, wooly hat kicking two footballs into a net 3 feet away. He gets a bit of a surprise.

Bonjour Nige!
Yep that was the surprise,  Nige and Jayne who couldn't make the full Run2Europe but could make the last day.

Anyway back to the challenge...
Escape to Victory
Not only did we have a football we also had a goalie.....Nige!
It started off as teams competing against each other but soon turned into a girls vs boys with the inevitable victory for the ........girls!
During the challenge we were joined by one of the locals who found us quite amusing.

Team photo also included second from the left our Belgium coach who after came with us into the centre of Verviers to show us the best place to eat.

As mentioned above we headed for Verviers centre for food however whilst parking up we had an incident.....
Whilst stuck in traffic a girl in a Mini backed into a stationary Viking causing the damage below.

This poor Belgium girl was instantly surrounded by 18 Brits, oh well should of looked where she was going.

After lunch it was time to head for the last hotel as by now all scores had been entered.

Leaving Verviers
We were now heading for the Van der Valk hotel, Oostkamp but first had to experience Belgium traffic  and their fantastic driving.....
After several games of phone text Eye Spy we get to our final hotel.

Once checked in and showered it's time to tot up the scoring.

 Nige with his best Goalie award

This years trophy, a Steiner bought in Bad Sacklingen from a shop next to the bridge.

Who had won this year...?

6th place with 60 points Back Seat Bosses (Stephanie and Caitlin)
5th place with 62 points Shocking Blue (Rob Roy)
4th place with 88 points Honey Monster (Paul and Sarah)
3rd place with 91 points M.I.D.G.E.T. (Stu and Danny)
2nd place with 108 points Viking (Jaques and Angela)

1st Place with 110 points
Sleazy Jet (Seb and Sarah)

and finally, what happened to the emergency beer?

The Run2Europe 2013 was now over, just the journey home left.