Peak District Madness

Once again BIG thanks to those who participated (plus a also those through unfortunate circumstances could only make the end venue). We all met bright and early at the McDonalds at Bassets Pole for breakfast. It was here that the "Shiney Shiney" (trophy) was unveiled. All of a sudden the "atmos" changed from friendly banter to something more sinister amongst the teams..... We were joined by a new team "Shocking Blue"(Roy and Martin) in a rather BLUE Vauxhall Astra VXR. Also joining us for the start only was Mr and Mrs Tangoman aka Paul and Jenny in an equally ORANGE Nissan 350Z (thank you for turning up and hope to see you on the next Run2). The next thing to do was to hand out the packs but with a strange bottle marked up "Peckham Spring".....???? One final group picture and it was to the cars. First stop was the Little Thief er I mean Chef on the A38 heading towards Burton, behind this the teams found a canal marina where the next clue/number could be found.
Next destination Ashbourne in Derbyshire "The Gateway to the Peaks". Here they would find plenty of charity shops, iron mongers, a Police Station the next clue, basically everything a treasure hunter could need!
Oh yes and they found part 2 of the "Shopping List", a few teams (one in particular..Sleazy Jet) had thought they had completed the list....HA!

"Run to the Hills" or dales anyway, Dovedale to be precise and Thorpe Cloud.

Here at Dovedale they had to count how many stepping stones there are across the river, this was a little bit of a worry for myself as when we recce'd the river a couple of months earlier they were being repaired/rebuilt.

Hartington next and the Cheese shop, where the ferocious Cheese guard ducks could be found!!

Buxton and that Peckham Spring bottle.....ahhh. Each team had to fill up their bottle at St Anns well for bonus points. It was at Buxton we could relax again as we had lost all contact with the teams due to poor phone reception in the dales, one by one each team arrived with their bottles and crayons....

Here most teams grabbed a bite to eat and took in the ambiance of the Georgian spar town (the highest town in England don't you know!)

Now time to grab yourselves a "Tart" or even a "Pudding" depends on your prefernce???
Bakewell next stop please! Here we met up with Chris "Killerviral, Darth" Kempt, who through to work commitments could not make the start but joined us for the last checkpoint before the end venue in the now iconic Smart Roadster Blue wave with "Viper Stripes".
Each team had to collect either a Bakewell Tart or Pudding and seemed a quite popualar item on their shopping list.

From here it was off to Matlock Bath for the final stop, but on the way 3 teams all managed to find the same Mountain bike shop at the same time all to dash the hopes of the shop assistant who thought he had made a sale of 3 £6000 mountain bikes!!!(I could buy at least 4 cars with the price of 1 of those...).

On the way into Matlock whilst in traffic, a VERY VERY intelligant man on a racer commented on how gorgeous my quattro was. I nearly handed him the trophy there and then.

We pulled into the car park at the New Bath Hotel where we found that Knappy and his girlfriend Rachael had turned up (they were due on the run but had been visited the previous nights by unwanted guests).
We checked into the hotel and followed now the routine of quickly finding room, showered then into the bar for a drink(s).
After all mileage was taken we find ourselves all in the bar for the shopping list declaration ceremony type thing. Here is where each team tries to pass off each item they have collected as an item on the shopping list. Here I quickly promoted Mr Kempt as adjudicator.
One by one they passed off their tat as good....!!! Each team was then taken one by one to answer the 3 questions they were asked throughout the day. Then it was "Din Dins", our 3 course meal at the end of a long day. During this with the help of Mr Kempt we added up the scores and also judged the 2 new awards....
Now it was time to announce the winners of the "Run2theHills".
In 3rd place .............Shocking Blue Roy and Martin, Astra VXR)
In 2nd place .............Bio Hazard (Nigel and Jayne, Golf SDI)

First place.................

Team Sleazy Jet(Seb and Sarah, Nissan 350Z)

Then we did some more drinking....

Then we drank too much....

See you on Run2the 80's