Monday, 21 November 2011

Run2 France 25th,26th,27th August 2012

Ok then kids it's here, the next Run2 will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend and will be on French roads this time.
The format of this next outing will be slightly different from previous events.

First change will be the team with the MOST Points Win!
Your route each day will be given to you, this means you'll know where you're going to (which will be quite nice). However you have to prove that you have gone to each destination by having your photo taken outside a local place of interest. Shortest mileage has been dropped for this event so the roads you take are your choice.

There will also be challenges which are how you earn points. These will take the form of collecting items (shopping list), questions/quiz and other tasks which at present are in the planning stages, plus it is your chance to enter your own personnel challenges in which all the teams will have to complete (these will be submitted to myself before the event just to make sure they are cruel er I mean not too cruel).

Each team will also be issued with a Joker. This can be used when a Team feel their particular item/quiz result etc is the best/highest score and if so will double that score (the joker becomes void if this is not the case).

Accommodation for this will be campsites, so bring a tent, campervan or a Wigwam!!!!

Price for these to be confrmed.

Crossing the channel we are looking at approx £100 for the ferry, that's leaving on the Saturday morning and returning Monday afternoon.

Entrance fee per team for the event will be £50 (this does not include campsites or ferry costs).

For further info and to sign up contact myself Dave Long at or join the Run2 forum and contact myself there

More info to follow

Sunday, 6 November 2011

European Mystery Tour anyone?

Ok folks study this map carefully as next August bank holiday we are going international!!!!
Yes that's right we're off to Europe for a 3 day mystery tour, at present it is in the early stages of planning   but this will be less Treasure Hunt and more Top Gear challenge. It's so secret at the moment I don't know where we are going but trust me this is going to be BIG. The only place confirmed so far is France because that is the other side of Dover.

So watch this space for further info.......

Oh and a heads up, you may need to check this link out to give your loved ones ideas for Christmas this year.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cotswold Capers!

At approx 09.00am Saturday 15th October the teams set off from Tewkesbury on the Run2Saturday Night.
The teams consisted of Bio Hazard (Jayne and Nigel-VW Golf), Juke of Kent (Sarah and Paul-Nissan Juke), Sleazy Jet (Seb and Sarah-VXR8 Bathurst) and Shocking Blue with Roy and co driver number 3 Ed in the Astra VXR.

The first destination was Broadway, Worcestershire where as Sian and I pull in we see Seb and Nigel checking the back of the Bathurst. It seems a lady in a Rover 75 just couldn't resist giving the Australian Great White a little nudge! No damage though fortunately.

As we leave Broadway we follow Sleazy Jet out to the sound of 13 cylinders reverberating off the Cotswold stone houses (5cyl from the quattro and 8 from the Bathurst).
Seb soon shows us why he purchased his vehicle and we are in Chipping Campden sooner than we realise!

The Teams have a few tasks here to complete including finding a Grave Stone.
However it is now destination 2 and still no Shopping List? maybe they have got away with this, or maybe not!

We are now off to Moreton in Marsh, Glos and to meet a very interesting fellow by the name of Gerry Tyack at the Wellington Aviation Museum. (Note Jet engine on the right of the entrance.......that was for the teams who all missed it).
Here at Moreton they now find the shopping lists so now it's time for the search.

Que music and Deep Purple's Smoke (Bourton) on the Water and the Cotswold Motor Museum.

Time for a cream tea (or full English Sian and myself) at Bourton where for a mid October day was quite warm and pleasant......not very ghostly!

Time for slaughter or in the case Lower Slaughter, Glos for the next destination.

Slaughter in old English actually means wet land and not anything gruesome at all which is quite boring...never mind.
It was here Roy and Ed sampled the local delicatessen of pink coconut cake with a hint of mint....? Paul and Sarah (J of K) however ate at the cafe in the water mill which was in hindsight probably a better choice.
Trying to avoid sighting the Fiery Coach of the the evil Sir Laurence Tanfield and his wife (it is said to bring very bad luck and even death if this apparition is viewed) the teams head for Burford, Oxon.

This brings more shopping opportunities (in this case myself and some emergency beer for later.....more on this to follow).
Burford high street for a petrol head is quite an interesting place, several E Type Jaguars, Vintage Mercedes SL's and a bystander was heard to say "Fire up the quattro" as a car passed up the hill......wonder who was driving ;)

Next place was the home of a the shape of a rogue swan. Bibury, Glos and Arlington Row is a beautiful part of the world sat on River Coln which is full of Rainbow Trout (from the resident  trout farm), ducks and oh yes killer swans.
More nice cars here also including a Lamborghini Balboni which made the most fantastic noise as it departed (didn't get chance to card him as always room for one of those on the next Run2).

Here most of the Teams seemed to arrive at the same time for a few photo's and a little story about a Citroen Saxo........

This is the last stop before the end so everyone seems quite relaxed (unlike the Run2 the 80's which was a bit of an epic.....which means I have failed on this one).

Ok it's now off to the Air Balloon pub for the end, as we get within 10 miles of our final destination we are guided (almost) by a real air ballon taking advantage of this lovely October evening.

The first team to arrive is the J of K followed shortly by Sleazy Jet, Shocking Blue and the Bio Hazard.

Sian and I take their mileage and tick off their shopping list items but this is not the end for this Run2...there is a QUIZ!!!

The quiz completed and drinks drank we then head off in convoy to the hotel in Stroud and where we will announce the scores.

With the scores all totalled we meet everyone down in the restaurant for some much deserved drinks and food.

The Results.......

1st       Sleazy Jet
2nd     Shocking Blue (just short by the equivalent of 2 miles)
3rd      Juke of Kent
4th      Bio Hazard

After the results and food it was more drink until the bar closed then it was time for the "Late Night Club" and to break out the emergency beer from our cars (we did not want to get caught out like we did in Llandudno......experience makes us wiser).

As before a BIG thanks to the teams and also the fact we raised some money for the Help for Heroes charity.
See you all on the next run wherever that may be.

Dave and Sian

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Run2Saturday Night Start Point

Start point for the 15th October is....

Back of Avon,
GL20 5BA

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hotel for the Run2 Saturday Night

This next Run2 as mentioned before is a 1 day event with an option of a hotel after the event.

We have now found that hotel which is......The Premier Inn in Stroud

Price for the night is £58 per room (doubles or Twins) or £73 with breakfast included.

The rooms are limited so don't delay if you want to stop.

follow link below to book

or phone

0871 527 9052

oh yes and email myself to let me enter your team to the list

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The CannonPaul Run

Just getting over a GREAT weekend on the CannonPaul Run.

This was Paul Stennings 40th birthday celebration (Team Honey Monster), put together by Paul and his "Good Wife" Sarah.

We had a fantastic time and decided earlier in the weekend we would do the decent thing and only come in at 5th place (I think we did that subconsciously, due to the fact we organise them ourselves and it wouldn't be fair to win. Think I got away with that one, anyway congratulations to Team Shocking (sort of teal blue this time as they used Alison's car this time) Blue for their win.
See you on the Run2 Saturday Night on the 15 October

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ok a little change in direction for this Run but as it's in October and close to Halloween why not...!
The date for this one is the 15th October, it's a 1 day event with optional hotel. The cost will be £20 per team but this will be going to Help for Heroes charity.

The start will be at Tewkesbury and our presence will be found around the South Midlands.

Hotel details will follow soon (don't know where it is yet!).

Spook to you soon...sorry!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Run2Saturday Night Fever

The next Run2 event is going to be in October (date not confirmed yet), and this is going to be a 1 day thing (or "Thang").
It will be a back to basics affair where the entrance fee of £20 will go to the Help for Heroes charity. As for hotels, well that's down to you so it will be a truly optional choice. The hotel will NOT be at the end of the run, but "Some" miles away, and once we know which and where the hotel is you will be given the address and phone number to sort out yourself.

There will be no trophy on this one but there will be a prize for the winning team....

The idea will be a "Medium" size run to allow for those who want to get into the "Saturday Night Fever".

Like I have said, the run is still in the planning stage so more info will be announced once I know........

Possible dates so far are 15th, 22nd or 29th of October.

All feed back welcome.

A little something to get you in the mood

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Day2 started with a slap up breakfast (for those who could stomach it). The "Day 2" envelopes were handed out along with some very fragile Rubik's cubes (more on this later).

We checked out of the hotel and all met up in the car park where we had our first casualty of any Run......Wendy (half of Thelma and Louise) had to retire due to back problems.

However the other half of T&L, Judith has managed to form a new hybrid team....."Shocking Thelma" with Roy and Allison (formerly Shocking Blue).

So with the sound of Frankie Goes to Hollywood reverberating around the Ramada Warwick's grounds we're off on Day 2.

First stop is Kenilworth Castle, just a short hop from the hotel. Straight away there is some teasing problems with the "New Team", Roy gets to the castle gates only to find his 2 team members are nowhere to be found on their first joint mission.

As other teams find the next number I hear one team member (Seb) let out a "Oh No" as the next envelope is opened. This "Oh No" brought a sadistic smile to my face......."Yes you're going into Birmingham....Ha Haaa!!!".

Birmingham's Gas Street Basin from Kenilworth took approx 15 minutes to get to......for Sian and myself, not sure how long it took the teams though on shortest distance....oh well.
The first team to arrive are the Cossie Boys who have already been around the ring road several times (not sure what ring road).

Honey Monster are next when Sarah_S turns up at the sign for the next clue walking down the canal from the Mail Box. Bio Hazard are next as they park up in Gas Street filling up the road with chip shop smell (Bio Diesel). As they are just describing their epic journey into "Civilisation" (I am from Birmingham so may be a little bias...), the "Great White" from down under pulls into the street.
Seb and Sarah pull up on double yellows and hand me the cars keys in case a Traffic Warden happens by, all I'm thinking is "Hello Brummie with the keys to a high powered car on home teritory".
I resist the urge just as guess what a Traffic Warden "happens by". I tell him I'm just about to move it when he says "I wern't going to do any fing anyway....".
Ironbridge is the next Sat Nav entry, when there it's decided we have a bite to eat. Whilst in the the cafe over looking the bridge, we spy Balls of Fury on their way to the bonus question.

The cafe is then illuminated with a bright yellow light, no it's not aliens but a Nissan 370Z that has just pulled up outside. We say hello the Paul and Sarah.

Bio Hazard and "The Great White" also make an appearance in the gorge. No signs of Shocking Thelma though.....more on this later.

We now head for Wales, Llangollen to be exact.
The teams need to get to the train station for their next clue. They also need to answer a question on the name of the steam engine Llangollen are collecting for, me being clever only thought it was one train but later found out there was two....(I pretended I knew to remain clever).
Whilst in Llangollen we get a phone call from Roy(Shocking Thelma) that they are just leaving Birmingham after an extensive shop for the shopping list (part 2 of the list would be found at Ironbridge...), are we far behind? YES. There have been reports since of Police helicopters and traffic cars tailing a rather rapid Blue VXR......unconfirmed at present.

After curry and chips we were now off to Lake Bala
My dog (a Welsh Border collie) was born not far from Lake Bala and was her idea to route through here (last statement may not strictly be true). By this time we (Sian and me) were quite a distance in front of everyone.....that is apart from the Cossie Boys (more to follow).

After a short visit (and a chat with an old man and his Labrador from Yardley which is approx 4 miles from where we live) we decided to move onto Betws-y-Coed.

We head through some fantastic scenery now, in the distance are the mountains of Snowdonia. The roads are fantastic also but we are ever aware of the Traffic Taliban who operate in these here hills (sensible note! the roads are very demanding and road signs remind us of the numerous deaths due to traffic accidents) so we are very mindful of our speed.

Ooh Betws-Y.....Sorry about that. Betws-Y-Coed is a town in a wooded valley where the River Conwy, River Llugwy and River Lledr meet (last 2 rivers I cannot pronounce).

This is our last stop before the end.

We arrive at our hotel(The Royal) across the road the road from the "Great Orme" and find that the Cossie Boys have been and gone (work commitments for Monday morning).
We then wait for the teams to arrive......
First to arrive are Karl and Sarah(Balls of Fury), Karl the first to be sporting Magnum Moustache...? The next are Sleazy Jet(Seb and his Sarah) again with Magnum foliage and Rambo head band (Seb that is). There is then a magic photo opportunity when we get Nige and Seb sporting there new summer look!

and the funny thing is I can't remember adding these to the shopping list......

In Honey Monster's car, Paul has been replaced by a Charlie Chaplin impersonator and £0 minustes later Roy turns up having had his goatie beard transformed into a moustache (that's dedication or being outnumbered in the VXR by his 2 female team mates).
The Scores Part2
Sleazy Jet............435 points
Shocking Thelma.......448 points
Honey Monster.........469 points
BioHazard.............475 points
Balls of Fury.........589 points
Cossie Boys...........684 points
(Lowest Points wins)
Fortunately for the other teams we had to abandon the Rubik's Challenge due to the fact they were breaking up. Roy we later found out in the restaurant is a "Demon" with a cube and it took him around 30minutes to complete a completely mixed up example......SORRY ROY!
So Team Sleazy Jet win again.
Congratulations to them and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the teams that competed and made this a Run to remember.

See you all on the next one.........

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Run2the80'sDay1 Video


Teams Balls of Fury and The Cossie Boys join Sian and myself for our mini convoy to Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk for the start position. On the way we get a phone call from Bio Hazard as they are already at the harbour car park.
We pull into the car park ourselves meet up with Nige and Jayne(Bio Hazard) and now just have to wait for the second half of the group to arrive.
At approx 09.00am their convoy arrives (should have been at Wells for 8.30 but had problems with the hotel.....).

Teams "Thelma and Louise, Honey Monster , Shocking Blue (Roy and Allison) and Sleazy Jet park up and do their meet and greet..

So now we have between us 32 wheels, 22.3ltres, 41 pistons, 4 turbos' and 1 supercharger....we're ready for the Run2the80's
The envelopes are handed out and they're off.

First stop is the church at Sculthorpe, which all went very well and according to plan however the next stop did not......

The "idea" of the second stop was to find the notice board at the edge of the former RAF West Raynham's runway.......however the entrance was pad locked (several times over). The planned Blast down the runway did not happen but the Cossie Boys did get some exercise as they got to the airfield before me so climbed the fence and went for a walk.

As the other teams arrived I quickly apologised for Sian's mistake in taking us there (it was me really....shh), told them the missing number, gave those that would listen a little history lesson about the former missile base then off to stop number 3.

Wisbech next stop.

Team Sleazy Jet in their quest to collect 1 pence coins from each year of the 80's, managed to rope in the entire staff at the Wisbech post office in a scene not unlike that of Veruca Salt's Dad's factory from the film Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Ely was the scene of "cockup" number 2
The next clue would be found in Ely Cathedral, but yet again fate would step in again and ruin my plans.
It was graduation day and the ceremony was being held in.....Yes the cathedral.

Some of the teams just managed to get there in time before it was closed to the public, the other teams I had to quickly track down and tell them the next number.
Apart from that all running to plan...........

Pic of inside Ely Cathedral if you didn't get there in time.

Saint Ives Bridge, Huntington next stop.
At St Ives we bump into Bio Hazard who are still collecting cocktail sticks and free cosmetics.

2 more stops to go before the hotel and the end of day 1

Harrold and Braunston Canal are the last 2 stops.
Well they should of been but whilst waiting at the hotel 4 teams were missing....they were in a pub at Braunston.

Finally all the teams make it to the Ramada Warwick for curry and drinks.

End of Day 1