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It's been a long time coming, but here it is.....

Run2Saturday Night Fever

The next Run2 event is going to be in October (date not confirmed yet), and this is going to be a 1 day thing (or "Thang").
It will be a back to basics affair where the entrance fee of £20 will go to the Help for Heroes charity. As for hotels, well that's down to you so it will be a truly optional choice. The hotel will NOT be at the end of the run, but "Some" miles away, and once we know which and where the hotel is you will be given the address and phone number to sort out yourself.

There will be no trophy on this one but there will be a prize for the winning team....

The idea will be a "Medium" size run to allow for those who want to get into the "Saturday Night Fever".

Like I have said, the run is still in the planning stage so more info will be announced once I know........

Possible dates so far are 15th, 22nd or 29th of October.

All feed back welcome.

A little something to get you in the mood


Day2 started with a slap up breakfast (for those who could stomach it). The "Day 2" envelopes were handed out along with some very fragile Rubik's cubes (more on this later).

We checked out of the hotel and all met up in the car park where we had our first casualty of any Run......Wendy (half of Thelma and Louise) had to retire due to back problems.

However the other half of T&L, Judith has managed to form a new hybrid team....."Shocking Thelma" with Roy and Allison (formerly Shocking Blue).

So with the sound of Frankie Goes to Hollywood reverberating around the Ramada Warwick's grounds we're off on Day 2.

First stop is Kenilworth Castle, just a short hop from the hotel. Straight away there is some teasing problems with the "New Team", Roy gets to the castle gates only to find his 2 team members are nowhere to be found on their first joint mission.

As other teams find the next number I hear one team member (Seb) let out a "Oh No"…


Day 2 write up to follow

Run2the80'sDay1 Video



Teams Balls of Fury and The Cossie Boys join Sian and myself for our mini convoy to Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk for the start position. On the way we get a phone call from Bio Hazard as they are already at the harbour car park.
We pull into the car park ourselves meet up with Nige and Jayne(Bio Hazard) and now just have to wait for the second half of the group to arrive.
At approx 09.00am their convoy arrives (should have been at Wells for 8.30 but had problems with the hotel.....).

Teams "Thelma and Louise, Honey Monster , Shocking Blue (Roy and Allison) and Sleazy Jet park up and do their meet and greet..

So now we have between us 32 wheels, 22.3ltres, 41 pistons, 4 turbos' and 1 supercharger....we're ready for the Run2the80's The envelopes are handed out and they're off.

First stop is the church at Sculthorpe, which all went very well and according to plan however the next stop did not......

The "idea" of the second stop was to find the notice boar…

Run2the80's Friday(the day before)

Friday the 3rd and all the teams are mobilising to their forward operating bases (their hotels complete with bars). We (Sian and I) were stopping at the Sculthorpe Mill but as we were passing we thought we would drop into the Ffolkes Arms in Hillington where four teams will be stopping the night.
We pull into the car park looking for any familiar vehicles when we spot something made from "Pure Yellow". Paul and Sarah are here at least with their fantastic looking 370Z. We attempt to ring Paul but cannot get a signal to revert to something crude, the quattro and it's Skorpion exhaust. It works and Paul and Sarah are soon seen walking around the corner.
As we are catching up with each other the next team to arrive are "Thelma and Louise" (Wendy and Judith) in their VW Corrado VR6. They promptly park up and introduce themselves as this is their first Run2 event.
So now in the car park we have a 5cyl, 2 6cyl cars then we here something else pulling int…

Run2the80's.....The Result (part 1)

The Run2the80's Winners are........

Sleazy Jet (Seb and Sarah)

Another GREAT weekend Run2, full write up soon after some much needed sleep.

Run2the80's Tropy

This is what your competing for