Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Scotland 2014 part2

Super cars.....
Remember from part 1 we wondered where the super cars had gone from Tyndrum....well it was the Scottish super car club and they were only in the same hotel as us.

 Scottish Super cars
  Scottish Super cars
 Scottish Super cars

At the hotel after checking in and getting changed we had one more challenge for the day,"Casino Royale". This would be very important with the final scores......

Oh yes and 2 of the Sarah's completed the ice bucket challenge....looked cold!

Next morning the car park at The Ben Nevis Hotel was starting to the sound of many super cars (including a few from our own group).
 Many Aston Martins
 "Our" Jag XKR S's
"Our" Vectra Sri, Jag XFR S, Cupra

First place to visit on our Road Trip was the Commando Memorial just outside Spean Bridge. We had been very lucky with the weather so far as the last rain we had seen was at Callander the day before. The views around the memorial were truly breath taking.

We set off again on our mini tour of Scotland heading for Aviemore which should have been the next stop...

On arriving at Aviemore we came across a problem....about ten thousand Harley Davidsons!!!!  Now I don't mind bikes but hordes of middle aged bank managers pretending to be Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" (note! Marlon Brando's own bike used in this film and was a Triumph Thunderbird) was pretty annoying but the fact we couldn't park meant we couldn't take in the wonders of this town.
We drove on....eventually!

Traffic in Aviemore

Still never mind so we carried on to Grantown-on-Spey where we grabbed a bite to eat in a cafe which was totally unable to cope with groups any bigger than 4, so our group of 22 delayed our sandwiches for over an hour...?

We now took on some more excellent "uppy downy" roads. 
 Map check in Grantown-on -Spey

Convoy leaving Grantown-on-Spey

On our way towards the Glenshee Ski area we found a nice spot to park up.....

 Convoy continues

The Car Park....
 Run2 Assemble!

It was decided to then get organised into a car group photo on top of a mountain.

 Group pic (cars)

 Group pic (humans)

Grez and MX5 (arty pic)

So far by now none of us had come across one of the Highlands most well known inhabitants. They had been very elusive and we were glad but at Glenshee Ski Area they were there and in numbers.....MIDGES!!!!

We didn't stop long but the midges had scored several hits on our convoy.

It was now time to head for Perth and our final destination The Huntingtower Hotel. Here we would tot up the scores and announce the winners of this years Run2.






The Huntingtower, Perth

The Winners!!!

Team Honey Monster (Paul and sarah)

 Team Honey Monster (Paul and sarah)

Winners of the Casino Royale Award Horne Star (Chris and Jennie)

Winners of the Casino Royale Award Horne Star (Chris and Jennie)

 Drinks in the Tartan Room!

See you next year @Run2Europre2014

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Scotland 2014 part 1

Friday Before Run somewhere south of Edinburgh

Run2 Scotland began with our mini convoy to Scotland on the Friday (22nd Aug). The plan was to meet up at Keele Services on the M6. Our convoy initially consisted of teams Sleazy Jet, Bio Hazard, Honey Monster, M.I.D.G.E.T, Back Seat Bosses and ourselves (the organisers).
Can't say the first part of our weekend was much fun, raining on the M6 on a bank holiday.....Oh Joy!

However once past Manchester (many ours later) we joined up with Team Horne Star and continued into Scotland on our way to our first hotel about 15miles from Edinburgh.
Pre Run digs Barony Hotel, Eddleston.

Here we joined up with 4 more Teams, The Black Watch, Viking,Team Grez and the Chillies. Here we unveiled the New Trophy....
The Jayne Burbage Trophy dedicated to a founder member of our group who sadly passed away this year after her battle with cancer, we thought would be a fitting tribute as she would in this way continue on our road trips across the UK and Europe.
Thanks to Stu Woolridge for his work on this.
Jayne Burbage Trophy

Next morning we set off to meet with the last of our Teams, JeffW.

Start point, Edinburgh Ski Centre

So in the pouring rain (it is Scotland) we set off for our first destination.....Callander the gateway to the Trossachs.

Here we started off the challenges with a Treasure Hunt, this involved answering questions about the town, collecting fudge, getting Waylade (it's a beer) and getting your photo taken with the local celebrity (George Johnson, antiques dealer and star of Dave's "Storage Hunters UK"), must say he was a good sport.
Seb outside Fudge Shop

Nige and Tom looking for "things"

Stu, George and Danny (Lady Kentmores)

After a short break in Callander we had another rendevous with a couple from the Nissansportz who had just finished their holiday in Scotland. So the convoy formed up again heading for Tyndrum.

Convoy filling up lay by on way to Tyndum

Jeff W's mascot for weekend
 JeffW with Tom (Nissansportz)

Wee Danny and myself 

It was here (at Tyndrum) we had a quick check of the map and look at possible routs to our overnight stop in Fort William. The coastal path looked like a good option until that is Sian and myself bumped into a local "Zen" like character in the pub (more of a Rab C Nesbit to be fair). He insisted we should take the road through to Glencoe on the way to our hotel (can't repeat what he said about Fort William mind you....).
What can we say, the man was right.....


We said goodbye to Tom and his wife at probably Scotland's best burger van spot then continued onto Fort William and the Ben Nevis Hotel.

Whilst talking to Tom he did mention a convoy of super cars had passed through Tyndrum around half an hour before we had arrived, I wonder where they were off to....?