Friday, 26 November 2010

Deposits Required

Price for hotels has I'm afraid gone up by £9, so total for weekend will be £20 entrance fee plus £139 for the hotels (b&b)THIS PRICE IS PER TEAM

A deposit of £50 per team is now required to secure your place.

To contact myself email me at

ps if you haven't taken advantage of the free DVD from the last Run2 we still have a few left, just email me with your name and address

Friday, 29 October 2010

New website

Hello again! We now have our very own website Also the "Run2theHills" DVD is now out and will shortly be winging its way to the teams that competed in the last run. If you are interested in the next one (Run2the80's)please contact me via the website above and give me your address so I can send you the DVD. Clips of the DVD should be online soon......WATCH THIS SPACE

Sunday, 3 October 2010

List so far

Name...............Motor.......................Team name

Paul_S............Nissan 370Z..................Honey Monster
Karl M............Tbc (new car on way)..........Balls Of Fury
Ozowen............VW Corrado...................tba
Wendy and Judith..VW Corrado...................Thelma and Louise
Chris K...........Smart Roadster Bluewave......Killerviral.....R2D Champions
Seb+Sarah.........Nissan 350Z..................Sleazy Jet......R2tH Champions
Paul F............Mazda MX5...................Killerviral 2...R2D Champion
Baldieman.........Nissan 350Z..................tba
Roy...............Astra VXR....................Shocking Blue
Nige and Jayne....VW Golf......................Bio Hazard
Tangoman..........Nissan 350Z..................Tangoman


Ok then Run2the80's has been launched. The start point has still not been confirmed yet but will be east coast(watch this space). If you are interested and want more info as it comes in email myself at or just sign up as a follower at the bottom of this page.
Price is £20 per team, this goes towards the trophy and cost of envelopes etc (no profit made here) plus your hotels. Last June's "Run2Datsun" worked out at £65 per room per night, so should be in that region. Also we try and stop in nice places not in the middle of a business park (last hotels were Babbacombe Devon, Newquay Cornwall and Matlock Bath Derbyshire). This is a sort of mini tour of the best of the UK.
Once I have numbers I can then find hotels large enough to accomodate us.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Dust off your leg warmers, dig out your Adam Ant cassettes and brush that "mullet" we're going on a journey back to the 1980's for this one. Run2 the 80's will be a 2 day event in early June next year (date tbc later).

Watch this space for further developments.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Peak District Madness

Once again BIG thanks to those who participated (plus a also those through unfortunate circumstances could only make the end venue). We all met bright and early at the McDonalds at Bassets Pole for breakfast. It was here that the "Shiney Shiney" (trophy) was unveiled. All of a sudden the "atmos" changed from friendly banter to something more sinister amongst the teams..... We were joined by a new team "Shocking Blue"(Roy and Martin) in a rather BLUE Vauxhall Astra VXR. Also joining us for the start only was Mr and Mrs Tangoman aka Paul and Jenny in an equally ORANGE Nissan 350Z (thank you for turning up and hope to see you on the next Run2). The next thing to do was to hand out the packs but with a strange bottle marked up "Peckham Spring".....???? One final group picture and it was to the cars. First stop was the Little Thief er I mean Chef on the A38 heading towards Burton, behind this the teams found a canal marina where the next clue/number could be found.
Next destination Ashbourne in Derbyshire "The Gateway to the Peaks". Here they would find plenty of charity shops, iron mongers, a Police Station the next clue, basically everything a treasure hunter could need!
Oh yes and they found part 2 of the "Shopping List", a few teams (one in particular..Sleazy Jet) had thought they had completed the list....HA!

"Run to the Hills" or dales anyway, Dovedale to be precise and Thorpe Cloud.

Here at Dovedale they had to count how many stepping stones there are across the river, this was a little bit of a worry for myself as when we recce'd the river a couple of months earlier they were being repaired/rebuilt.

Hartington next and the Cheese shop, where the ferocious Cheese guard ducks could be found!!

Buxton and that Peckham Spring bottle.....ahhh. Each team had to fill up their bottle at St Anns well for bonus points. It was at Buxton we could relax again as we had lost all contact with the teams due to poor phone reception in the dales, one by one each team arrived with their bottles and crayons....

Here most teams grabbed a bite to eat and took in the ambiance of the Georgian spar town (the highest town in England don't you know!)

Now time to grab yourselves a "Tart" or even a "Pudding" depends on your prefernce???
Bakewell next stop please! Here we met up with Chris "Killerviral, Darth" Kempt, who through to work commitments could not make the start but joined us for the last checkpoint before the end venue in the now iconic Smart Roadster Blue wave with "Viper Stripes".
Each team had to collect either a Bakewell Tart or Pudding and seemed a quite popualar item on their shopping list.

From here it was off to Matlock Bath for the final stop, but on the way 3 teams all managed to find the same Mountain bike shop at the same time all to dash the hopes of the shop assistant who thought he had made a sale of 3 £6000 mountain bikes!!!(I could buy at least 4 cars with the price of 1 of those...).

On the way into Matlock whilst in traffic, a VERY VERY intelligant man on a racer commented on how gorgeous my quattro was. I nearly handed him the trophy there and then.

We pulled into the car park at the New Bath Hotel where we found that Knappy and his girlfriend Rachael had turned up (they were due on the run but had been visited the previous nights by unwanted guests).
We checked into the hotel and followed now the routine of quickly finding room, showered then into the bar for a drink(s).
After all mileage was taken we find ourselves all in the bar for the shopping list declaration ceremony type thing. Here is where each team tries to pass off each item they have collected as an item on the shopping list. Here I quickly promoted Mr Kempt as adjudicator.
One by one they passed off their tat as good....!!! Each team was then taken one by one to answer the 3 questions they were asked throughout the day. Then it was "Din Dins", our 3 course meal at the end of a long day. During this with the help of Mr Kempt we added up the scores and also judged the 2 new awards....
Now it was time to announce the winners of the "Run2theHills".
In 3rd place .............Shocking Blue Roy and Martin, Astra VXR)
In 2nd place .............Bio Hazard (Nigel and Jayne, Golf SDI)

First place.................

Team Sleazy Jet(Seb and Sarah, Nissan 350Z)

Then we did some more drinking....

Then we drank too much....

See you on Run2the 80's

Monday, 12 July 2010

Run2theHills Start

Run2theHills start (4th September)will be at the McDonalds at Bassets pole, Sutton Coldfield.
London Road
Bassetts Pole
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5SA

Be there for 8.30am.

See you there

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Run2 the Hills

Run2 the Hills has now been launched....4th September 2010.
Rules same as before but this will be a 1 day event and will start in the Midlands (somewhere... watch this space). The cost will be £20 per team entrance fee plus I will be negotiating a competitive price on a hotel. The hotel is optional but is worth it as you will meet up with the other "Runners" and recount heroic deeds performed during the day (or something like that) over a few drinks.
I know the title "Run2the Hills" is the same as the Iron Maiden track but all Maiden clothing on the day will be encouraged but is not the rule, it is just for fun and a good way of sponsoring a charity of your choice (also not the rule).

For further infomation or you want to enter this run email me @

Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 2

Day 2 begins with breakfast at the Exmouth View Hotel, envelopes are handed out and as they are opened and the shopping lists are mulled over I just remembered what I put in them. FACE PAINTING!!! was the subject for breakfast, some filled with dread others strangely excited by the idea of turning up as Spider man or a Hamster!?. All teams set off at approx 9.30am heading for Kingswear, Devon. The first clue took them to the Dartmouth lower ferry, as we took the higher we got to Dartmouth just in time to catch all teams in 2 waves travelling across the lower ferry. Seb as per usual could be heard on the other side of the river Dart then as he disembarked all the way through Dartmouth. Destination 3 day 2 was Cremyll, Cornwall. This destination split the teams up when it came to routes. Balls of Fury got there via the Torpoint ferry and as per usual were in "Stealth Mode" again (we were around the corner visiting relatives whilst they sneaked past), the other teams either crossed on the Cremyll passenger ferry to find the next number or in the case of Sleazy Jet just asked the ferryman what the number was....
Off to Looe,Cornwall for the Crabbing Competition, how many crabbs can each team catch in 5 minutes. We had a clear winner here with Simon from Knappmobeel who with 7 crabbs was happy and also upset with his Dad Ian for not doing this with him as a child (along the lines of misplaced childhood etc).

Due to work commitments Knappmobeel had to leave to Looe and head back for home, so it then became a 5 horse race (not a race as I will get in trouble with Police etc).
Who will get to the Hotel Victoria with the lowest points to win?

First to arrive was Seb and Sarah, Sarah complete with face paint. Minus 15 points

I get to the hotel reception and find Killerviral and Honey Monster there, again with face paint along with the KV's Plymouth Argyle souvenir.

Some how the Killerviral Team had managed to capture Paul_S from Honey Monster in his mirror Superman 2 stylie.

All teams turn up with various face paint designs...from Native Americans, footy fans, Adam Ant and the Sun??
Enjoy the Gallery

Next thing to do now (obviously after a beer or 2) is the Final Scoring, each team join me at the "Scoring Table" overlooking the beach at Newquay. Each team reveal their trinkets (mileage already taken), and the scoring begins.
There becomes a bit of unofficial "Who's got the Biggest Pirate flag" competition, Balls of Fury win this hands down (it was massive).
I sit down out the way of prying eyes (Chris Kempt I saw you trying to spy the results...Shame on you), whilst the other teams regale each other with tales of ferrys and "sea monsters".
After some money had changed hands it was time for the "Final Results".

In 3rd place with 663.8 points was Sleazy Jet
2nd place belongs to Bio Hazard with a very respectable 599.25 points
Then in first place with 554.1 points .... Killerviral.

After the "Results" it was time for more beer then a curry (thanks to Chris for the was a little pricier than the bottle they won)

Next thing to do is thank everyone who turned up for making this a FANTASTIC RUN.

Now planning "Run 2 the Hills" for later in the year....Watch This Space.

Dave and Sian

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Run 2 Datsun Sumary Day 1

Ok then folks, it all started at approx 8.30am on the 5thJune 2010.
We pulled into Portland Bill car park already to find 2 members of the Nissansportz club, team Sleazy Jet (Seb and Sarah 350Z) and team Honey Monster (Paul and Sarah in a bright yellow 370Z). Also waiting for us to arrive (yes we were slightly late) was team Knappmobeel (father and son team Ian and Simon Knapp in their Audi A4), plus Bio Hazard (Nigel and Jayne in a Bio diesel VW Passat).

Next team to arrive in a Cosworth blue Smart Bluewave Coupe (with Viper stripes) was team Killerviral ("Purveyors of Fine Free Games"), Chris Kempt and his faithful sidekick Paul Fryer. Killerviral the Britballrun winners 2007 and runners up by 1 point in 2008.
Last to arrive team Balls of Fury, Karl and the last Sarah (there was 3 Sarah's and no it was not in the rules you had to bring one) in their Peugeot 206.
Once registered they were off a 1 minute intervals. After the teams had read through their shopping lists they headed off to Bridport via Weymouth port for the ferry timetable worth minus 10points.

Next destination after Bridport was the Cob at Lyme Reggis. Whilst here there was a good opportunity to collect more items off the shopping list, ie item from the RNLI shop, some sea shells and off course some beer mats.

Now onto Bickleigh Mill in Devon, this being in the foot hills of Dartmoor (maybe we might be going there?).
Off to Princetown via Crediton train station just as the Dartmoor Ultra Marathon was finishing.

Seb got a mention on the PA system as he and Sarah drove up to the prison museum "That chaps exhaust sounds like it's fell off!" was the remark that made me (then later Seb after I told him)laugh. His car is a little louder than standard (for Tornado jet at full chat!!!).
Seb and Sarah (Sleazy Jet) were the first through and as this was the last checkpoint before the days end venue, decided to grab a bite to eat and take in the sites at Princtown.
Next to arrive at Princetown were the Balls of Fury in their stealth car, they got the clue and passed straight by undetected.
Next car to enter Princetown could be tracked from the moon due to its "Pure Yellow Construction", team Honey Monster. They pulled in behind Sleazy Jet and compared "Tractors" (minus 5 points on shopping list).
Due to the fact Balls of Fury had sneaked past it was decided to head for the days end venue, Exmouth View Babbacombe. We "Fired up the quattro" behind Sleazy Jet and followed them out of Princetown towards Torquay. It was the first time I have ever driven my quattro (with full Scorpion exhaust system) and not heard it due to the explosion of sound coming from the 350Z in front of me.

Finally pulled into the hotel car park around 5.30pm, well deserved drinks in order me thinks....
Balls of Fury already there along with Sleazy Jet.
Bio Hazard and Honey Monster next to complete day 1, followed by Killerviral. No one has seen the Knappmobeel all day, after a number of attempts finally get through to them on phone. Apparently they have a sat nav for a different dimension and it doesn't recognise this plane of existence, mileage should be interesting (and it was).
Scores at the end of Day 1

Honey Monster -109.99 points plus 286 for mileage ...............176.01
Bio Hazard 123.25 points plus 288 for mileage ...............411.25
Killerviral 144.08 points plus 276 for mileage ...............420.08
Sleazy Jet 188.79 points plus 268 for mileage ...............456.79
KnappMobeel 120.5 points plus 376 for mileage ...............496.5
Balls of Fury 329 points plus 288 for mileage ...............617

All checked in, drinks all round then time for food......sizzling steak for me ta very much.

End of day 1

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Winners of This Years Run

Team Killerviral (aka Chris "Darth" Kempt and Paul "Anakin" Fryer) winning through pure cunning......AGAIN
Well done to the Killerviral Team and a big thanks to all the other teams who made this Run so enjoyable.

Killerviral.....................Chris and Paul F
Bio Hazard......................Nigel and Jayne
Sleazy Jet......................Seb and Sarah
Honey Monster...................Paul_S and Sarah
Balls Of Fury...................Karl and Sarah (there were 3 Sarah's)
KnappMobeel.....................Simon and Ian

Full write up to follow once I have had some sleep....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Start point for the "Run" is Portland Bill, Dorset. Teams needs to be in the car park for 8.30am.
See you there.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


This is a fun (and less energetic) way of raising money for your favourite charity.
Last year we ran a "Run" for the Nissansportz club (8 Nissan 350Z's)and raised over £300 for the Help for Heroes charity. Not bad for approx 6 hours of driving through Shropshire, Herefordshire(cider country) and the Welsh borders of Monmouthshire.
Taking in the beautiful towns of Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Hay on Wye and finnishing at Chepstow castle. But that was last year all I can reveal for this year is it will start at Portland Bill in Dorset, and this is a 2 day event so will mean at least twice the amount of beautiful and interesting places to exprience during your quest to be the "2010 Run 2" champion.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

3 Places left

Ok this years "Run" is limited to 12 places, we have 3 places left to fill.
If you are stuck for something to do and cutting the lawn and washing the dishes gets a bit mundane. Sign up for a mystery tour that will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the country, whilst on a treasure hunt collecting precious items or was that irrelevent junk?
You don't win by finnishing first, you win by completing the tasks in the shortest distance.
Oh and entering into the spirit of the event is encouraged but not the rule.
£140 per team (driver + navigator) secures your place which includes hotel accomodation for 2 nights.
What you waiting for.....the grass to grow again?