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Run2Europe 2012 Video

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Run2Europe 2012 images

Here are a selection of pictures from the Run2Europe 2012
Full write up soon.....


2012 Run2 Trophy

2012 Run2 Trophy
Where will it be this next month?
Logo for the up coming adventure to France.....

Less than a month to go now

Driving in France

Here is a list of what you need to take or do to your car before travelling on the continent.......

1. GB sticker or GB European number plate

         2. Car Triangle

3. Flourescent Vest (1 per occupant)

4. Headlamp converters (only if you are travelling from the UK of course)

5. Spare bulb kit

6. Alcohol breath test kit (legal from July 2012)

Taster of what we do


Run2 France channel crossing

The route to France has now been chosen, THE EUROTUNNEL.
Book your outward ticket for 08.06 on the 25th August and the earliest time for the return leg 16.50 on the 27th August (later if you wish to extend your visit to France).

The price for the Tunnel is £90 on a "Short Stay Saver", this price is valid as long as you return within 5 days (check the Eurotunnel website for details).

Campsite prices to follow soon.....