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Run2Europe2016 Dunkirk to Losheim, Germany

First task the teams faced involved finding a car dealership and complete a few tasks there,Team Bravo headed to Bruges, Belgium and found a BMW dealership who were willing to play along. Steve from team Bravo found himself in a brand new M3 and revving the bejesus out of it (a similar fate befell a Mercedes in a German dealership.

The route to the first hotel took the teams through Luxembourg via the capital on through to Germany.

The first Hotel The Hochwalder Wohlfuhlhtel was a welcome place to unwind after the first days travelling, set next to a large lake and a popular place for day us...sort of.
Rooms were great and food and beer excellent!!!
Maybe spent too much time unwinding (see pics below).

Run2Europe2016 pics and review..... Ashford to Dover

This was a biggie! 11 cars, 8 countries and 1700 miles.
As per usual for a European trip we started the night before in Ashford for a BBQ (thanks Paul and Sarah) but an early night ready for an early start at our first rendezvous at Dover Castle.